The Group
We would like to take this opportunity and thank all of you who honor us all these years with their constant trust in our products and services, and continue on warmly welcoming those who meet us for the first time.
We began our entrepreneurial quest as a sole proprietorship in 1974. We transformed into a Public limited company in 1991 and have been growing ever since, while remaining one of the most dynamic and promising companies in the field of construction, repair and maintenance of projects.
What evolves and changes over the years is our
constantly developing know-how and scientific training; we invest in our technological equipment, we expand our facilities and continuously increase our turnover.
What remain unaffected, though, is our passion, personal care, consistency and quality of work; our continuous efforts to constantly improve ourselves while always providing the best possible services to our clients. Due to the even bigger responsibilities generated by our high position in the market we are always ready to meet, surpass and overcome all demands and competition.
ATEKE constitutes the highest evolutionary stage of a sole proprietorship founded in 1974 by Dimitrios Alexopoulos, with a mission to construct and maintain petrol stations for MOBIL OIL Co. A few years later, the company broadened its partnerships with other leading oil companies, such as EKO, ELDA, BP, AVIN, CYCLON, TOTAL, SHELL, ETEKA, MAMIDAKIS and others. During the same period it began its collaboration with gas companies such as BP GAS, HELLAS GAS, EKO GAS.

In 1991, as the projects and their demands were increasing, driven by high ambition, consistency and professionalism, Dimitrios Alexopoulos achieved in establishing the Public Limited Construction Company "ALEXOPOULOS DIMITRIOS ATEKE". The company's high standards and exceptional outcomes had been established by the very beginning, and year after year succeeded in turning ATEKE into one of the biggest and constantly growing Greek construction companies in the field of oil products. Specializing in the specific field, ATEKE is able to undertake the construction and maintenance of a wide range of projects.

Given the continuous changes and developments in the field of construction projects, ATEKE never ceased to evolve, and aimed at expanding its activities in new sectors of the market. Staffed with the most qualified and suitable manpower, it offers all necessary scientific and technical support and applies the quality management systems ISO 9001 and ISO 17025, in every project it undertakes.

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Perieco was founded in 2011 in Athens, and is part of the A.T.E.K.E. Construction Group, which has been operating in the petroleum industry since 1991, as a key partner to all major oil companies (EKO, BP, AVIN, SHELL, CYCLON, ETEKA etc.). The increasing demands of the market for proper and efficient management of fuel and oil waste in the petrol station facilities, prompted the creation of a new company which, armed with the long experience of ATEKE, is able to provide expert services in the specialized field of hazardous and nonhazardous waste.

PERIECO ENVIRONMENTAL LTD - Environmental Waste Management, is legally licensed by the Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change, on the nationwide collection and transportation of hazardous waste (Registration Number YPEKA 0053).

Closely following the ecological necessities of our era to protect the environment, and complying with applicable national and European legislative frameworks, PERIECO provides robust, integrated and specialized services in the field of Environmental Management Collection and Transport of Hazardous Waste.

Equipped with a well-organized customer management and control system, PERIECO is able to offer every company, industry, or individual, with integrated services of waste management, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to any problem. The sequence of services is completed with the provision of the legal certificate for the lawful and proper management of the collected waste, which is suitable for any use at local, national or EU authorities.

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DOMIKI PROGRESS SA is a technical-consulting company, member of ALEXOPOULOS D. ATEKE group of companies, which specializes in the construction and maintenance of gas stations and installations, since 1974.

DOMIKI PROGRESS was founded in 2006 and provides complete consultancy services and license issuing for all technical projects, as well as specialized services for fuel stations.

Amongst the specialized services the company has to offer, is the FUEL TANKS CALIBRATION AND CONTAINER LAB which provides accredited titrations for calibrations of tanks in accordance with all legal requirements.

The demands of the fuel companies and service stations led DOMIKI PROGRESS in creating a modern automated titration system.

Furthermore, the implementation of the new law for the installation of "inputs-outputs" and the prerequisite of complying with the law and international standards turned this demand into an obligation.

DOMIKI PROGRESS' goal is to offer a wide range of services able to meet even the highest demands of our customers and partners; services that are certified in accordance with the EN ISO 9001:2008.